Sunday, April 22, 2012

Three Cliffs Beach, Gower

Caswell Beach, Mumbles

Worms Head, Rhossili, Gower

Rhossili Beach, Gower

Aberavon, Port Talbot

Apart from Aberavon yesterday we did a tour of the beaches today!  I don't know how I made it, I am shattered!  Wrong shoes, wrong coat, wrong hand bag!  It reminded me of a trip the boys and I made to Lake District in winter with heavy snow, all three of us wore the wrong clothing, school coats and shoes, I had on a swede tassel jacket! and fashion boots!!!

We were walking along a sandy ridge after going 'off plan' and off track through a field, not quite where anyone else passed, no path, we just knew the direction we had to go in!!  So feet were wet, shoes sandy, we passed a couple coming from another direction, she had flip-flops on!  So I was glad to see someone else inappropriately dressed in the shoe department!  We came up out of three cliffs a long way from the car, so Franco got me to wait as a bus stop so he could get the car and come pick me up!

I was okay on the downhill and flat areas, but the ups were almost impossible, not sure how I made it, but as I do tend to keep on until I stop, I did, carry on, until I stopped!

We stopped at another beach where we had some lunch, there were was a huge group of your girls, early teens I think, with what appeared to be a baby each, at first we thought it was a young  mother and baby group, but I noticed these babies were not real!  Mostly by the way they were being held, I think they were those babies girls are given to give them an idea of what its really like to have a baby, there is a monitor in them that takes a record of how the baby was looked after in the 24hr period, a few of todays will come back with some neck problems, and one had been left altogether somewhere, a woman came along as we were leaving and said to one girl, 'this is your baby isn't it!'  So who knows where she left it!!

Another couple of beaches we also didn't get to stop at, most car parks were £1.30, but most of them were £3.00!  Alright if your staying the day, or at least a few hours, but passing by for a quick look, photo opportunity and a coffee, no way jose!  At the Worm, we parked in a church car park where they asked for donations, we which we gave, rather than the 3 quid!!

We also ended up walking around a caravan park! Don't ask!

Now I am shattered, wished we taken Pippa, and posting this!


Anonymous said...

nothing like a good bit of old welsh air to keep your lungs working wellxxx loved the book by the way xxxxx maria

Carol O. said...

Just gorgeous, Marian! It will be fun to take some photos of Pippa next time, yes?

Marian said...

Maria... Thank you, glad you enjoyed the book! How about Gary!!!

love mxx

Carol... Beautiful isn't it... and yes, Pippa will be included next time!

Love mxx