Thursday, April 05, 2012

Just a little reminder of my house for sale!  Property Search Spain...

Weather has been okay today, April sun and cloudy moments, no rain at all, bit chilly when we walked down the road earlier!  It was the wind.

I had a whole night of nightmare last night!  Woke up screaming!  There was a door where there isn't, and another door down the hall that doesn't exist!  The door knob on that door was turning, the door opened.... no one there, but the door started flying down the corridor towards me!!  That's when I woke up screaming!  The night I thought someone was standing right near me, a very short person!  Screeeeeamed!

Tidied up the front garden yesterday, its paving, but weeds are growing up around each one, hard work as I didn't have the right tools, so it was down on my knees with a small hand thing, digging into the crevises and then kind of skimming over the weeds from two sides!

Got up and swept every now and then, bagged it up, put it in the compost bin in the back garden and job done!

So that tired me out for the rest of the week!  And had a long nap!

We were going to try to hide the jungle out back, but it looks better already now the trees are coming green, so just a 3' barrier will go up, I will go up the garden tomorrow to check on the blue bells!!

'Just add tea to make human'

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