Monday, September 17, 2012

Eclectic Blog today.. the photo above taken Christmas 2007 near Castrill, when we stayed in a wonderful cave house, all over Christmas and new years.... -9 OMG, it was freezing outside, but in the cave house, wonderfully warm... and once the sun was up, the ice melted, it wasn't so bad, fresh!

Today had a lovely walk with Pip to the park, squirrel watched, Pip was on her back legs like a ballerina pirouetting... just her tutu missing, she was also drew-ling, not sure for the taste of squirrel or the fun of the chase!! Which neither the squirrel or I would give her the chance to do!  You kind of forget the cute little things are rats with tales!!

And this afternoon I hung out the shower curtain after a wash, lovely sunny day, nice breeze starting to blow, out on the line it went, flying high as a kite, came back in doors, and found after five minutes that nice breeze was bringing rain!  Back out, grabbed it back in, so it had an extra and unexpected rinse!  Oh and yes, the rain lasted two minutes and the sun came back out! Sods law right!

I made Crunchie over the weekend, or cinder candy or honey combe! Whatever you call it, it came out rubbish the first time and wonderful the second!  The first the recipe, said to add water to the soda, but that just didn't do work for me!  Still second time lucky... now I really am all sugared out after last weeks two lots of candy floss from the fair!

I was surfing my own Blog, looking for something else and came across this poem I wrote on my first birthday without my Mom, and just wanted to post it again...

The poem below by Margaret Mead 1901-1978

You can go without regret
Away from this
familiar land,
Leaving your kiss
upon my hair
And all the future in your hands....


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