Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My beach!  Well it could be, for all the people that are ever on it!

Beautiful and serene looking isn't it.... Foot steps in the sand and all that!

Feeling a bit head achy now, so will make it short!  I flew down to the post office this morning to post off a new book, paperback, and all done by little ol me!  Looks fantastic! I wore some new trainers recently bought from local supermarket, they have rolly bottoms, if you know what I mean, supposed to help exercise back and glutes, I didn't think they worked after yesterdays walk, but after todays.... Yes, they do!  My glutes are definitely aching! Am wondering if they are the cause of my head ache though now, as I write?  Because it is my neck that's giving me the head ache!

Okay amigos...


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