Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This was me yesterday... Actually, greener.... I thought I would have a migraine yesterday, well by the time the pain travelled up my neck, I thought I would!

It started early on, so I went over a friends for a coffee, try to leave it behind, it didn't work, and just got worse and worse, and it turned into a big time baddie! Everything, it could be, it was!  I lost about 4lbs, great just before Christmas, the amount of treats I've packed away hidden in the cupboard!  Calling to me on occasion!

Just had notification a package I sent to Spain has not been delivered, they were out, well that's okay, but the company says they left a note, they didn't, so now I am having to get the Dad to check for me when he can!

A whole line of Christmas cards is now adorning the wall, I am not putting a single card on a surface this year, I am stringing them along the wall, in what  may be two or three lengths, I hate not being able to get to stuff while the cards are there.... Yes yes, I want the cards, but now they look good up there, will take a photo!

I am very random today, my head is still not on straight, and I have had tonnes to catch up on on here today, what with Twitter, Goodreads, the T-shirt shop has another design there now too, a Christmassy one, too late maybe now for this year, but been difficult getting the dpi sorted out!  It really doesn't make a difference and I think its mostly their "computer that says NO!"

Weather today has been okay... went to Fforestfach shopping centre, checked out an item I want in one of the shops, its still there!!!  Lots of sales on already, lots of Christmas stuff already being put away, or shoved over to one side!  And had a lovely cup of costa coffee, Cremé brulé latté... perfect!

Going now, pins and needles!

Latin Proverb 

Man is not where he lives, but where he loves.


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