Saturday, February 16, 2013

Went through a plethora  of photos.... these are not the first I uploaded by any means, then had to do a tonne of deleting, gone from Sea World in Benalmadina, to the mountains surrounding the Guadalhorce valley, the Grand Union canal in Berkhamsted, to the snowy mountains overlooking Coín.... but here in the end are a couple of beautiful sunsets from our roof terrace back in Spain!

Yesterday I had another headache, I need to get out more!  And did!  Walked to town to meet up with a friend and we walked back to her house, had a chat and a couple of biscuits, then off to Aberavon beach via the car wash!  We had chips from the famous Franco's fish & chip bar right on the beach, well almost!

Then back, slept for a few hours and felt a bit better, not sure why the headache, my normally high bp dropped dramatically for ten minutes the day before, and I had trouble putting my words together with hardly any blood flow! hahahaha!!!  Almost okay now!!!

Today, back to work.... hate it when I get behind, I know I'm not really, but like to be more ahead if you know what I mean, I don't seem to be making any sense today!

Lovely day again today, washing dried on the line, light when I got up, and still light at 6pm!  Spring is on its way! 

The only day this week when the weather has been bad was the day we went to Cardiff actually! It rained, it poured and the wind blew and howled!  Nightmare weather!  the train journeys were okay, but I do wish people would take down their tickets when they use the booking system, some people must just get off, and to all intents and purposes it looks like the seat it still booked, and you have to go through them, read them, and then sit.... or not!! Apart from of course, if the people didn't even use the booked seat!!! [like I did on a return journey getting an earlier train!!!] Ummm, oh well, you get my jist!

In Cardiff we went to the National Museum...

Wish this had been the weather on Wednesday!!!  Beautiful building eh!  And huge, I only managed some of the art galleries, and I think a map would have been a good idea, so many separate rooms, leading one into another, you could easily get lost, definitely a guide next time, and it won't be too long either, spectacular art, a huge amount thanks to the Davies sisters...

Had lunch in a Mexican restaurant in St Davids shopping centre, not that Franco was too impressed with his, but I had the Mexican paella, and it was great!  The options weren't great as it was late and there were queues in nearly all the other restaurants!

For some reason, although I have been there a few times I kept losing my way!!!  Went into one shop and came out onto the street by a different door and my bearings were gone, completely!  I am normally so good with directions and knowing where I am, it was strange, not helped by the fact though... that on seeing the castle Franco said, "that's not the right way!" So we turned around, then passing everything we had already seen a few times, still not going the right way!!  Ended up asking a stranger, who led us like children back into the centre and pointed the way to where the restaurants!!!

And afterwards, with my bearings back in place, I knew exactly where we were, and where we had been earlier, and the mistakes made!!!  Must have been the wind and rain, and battering by umbrellas held too low and threatening to poke my eye out!

Okay, washing up to do!


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