Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wow, just had an email telling me I have won 2 million pounds!  I just won't know what to do with it!  Oh woops, sent it into my spam box, heck, well there you go!!!

Snow all over the place in the UK it seems, not here, yet, I've said this so many times today I am sure to bring it here tomorrow, when Cardiff is my choice of destination for the day!  The National Museum draws me there.... never visited that one before, so here's to it!

I am still practising my dress making skills...

A fluffy sweater and a wraparound denim skirt, not looking very good yet, I keep making clothes that are either too big or too small, although sadly, I must admit, I have made more clothes for Blythe than I ever made for my boys!!!  And her poor little bare feet, in winter too! 

At this time, like the last couple of years, I have been re-reading my Blog, from when my mom, when my mom.... well, the last few months of my mom... Now, I don't want to bring everyone down, so do not visit my diary here from that time, I just really wanted to read from now, but remember when I looked that from the date mom moved into the care home, February 9th, I didn't write again until the 22nd, then after her passing, as you know the Blog runs from earlier in the month up towards the most recent, so, reader beware!  Why have I even put this here? Who knows...  Its just the first day on this page on March 2010

I am back there now, this month and next... I checked out my moms google map page, like I did every day for nearly a year afterwards too, thank goodness I got out of that!

I got another email also this morning, from the British Museum in London, where mom and I went on our trip to London and Her Majesty's Theatre,  for The Phantom of the Opera! The opener from the museum was "Hello Muriel"... we had booked a special visit and I used mom's name to do so...

I must admit too, I am a little bit concerned with the Pope stepping down, first time this has happened in over 600 years!  I know I am not a practising Catholic, one could say, but when we were there and visited a church, I know I have mentioned this before, there were circles around the walls near the ceiling, the circles were filled with Pope's heads, names with dates of birth and death beneath.... when we were there there were I think 3 empty circles, and the guide told us, that when the last circle was filled the world would end???  Well this means, that whoever becomes the next Pope, will fill the final circle!!!

And finally, for today that is!  On a TV program here in the UK on Sunday evening, I thought as I watched, that looks like the corridor in my old school, Ashlyns, in Berkhamsted.... then later in the show, they drove up the driveway.... of my old school, my sons went there too!

Call the Midwife

Couldn't believe it! Check it out if you can view it, apologies for the childbirth bits, but it is called 'Call the Midwife'!!!

A Brief Matter

Life is
But death
A heartbeat

Michael Ashby


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