Thursday, May 02, 2013

Above taken in Brecon, a pretty chocolate box scene... Having a fabulous break with friends visiting for their holidays... first time I have had a moment to post, got some on fb, should be starting with last weekend, but today is Thursday and here we are...

Just liked this tree, so here it is, not long after seeing this tree and the surrounding views we came off the road quickly to try to take photos of a Hercules flying overhead, it was massive, it was low down and flying directly over the road, scared the heck out of us I can tell you!!! The photos didn't come out at all well, two came out looking like a UFO was passing by, will post that another day!!

Here are the three of us on a bridge and waving at y'all.... lol, that's a river we are over, not that you can see the water very much, we had just seen a pretty little bird, a Pied Wagtail, a couple of twitchers were bird spotting and told us it was by this bridge, nesting, and we found him.... he has only been here a little while on a stop over from Africa I think!

When we came across the twitchers they were stalking a Goldcrest so we stopped and watched him too!

This picture above is the creepiest one I took today.... see the face? whoa.... strange eh!!!

More photos tomorrow amigos!


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