Friday, May 24, 2013

Above in the forest at Craig-y-nos, the fence grown into the tree,  no, reverse that, the tree gone into the fence of course!  Could just delete and change, but if I was speaking that is what I said!!

This is the Castle/Hotel there, the one I aforementioned is haunted!

A passing cloud on this beautiful day....

Above and below were taken at the top of the mountain we were on, where the information centre is....

The weather we have been having these last couple of months has been amazing, all over the rest of the UK it sounds like wind and rain and more rain.... but here?  Been lovely! We had a drop of rain yesterday?  Or the day before? A shower I think it was, a hard shower... but then that was it!  Yesterday a bit cloudy and windy, but the wind soon blew the clouds away, I am guessing its the position here, so near to the coast, five minute drive maximum, and the mountains behind us, its been warm, nothing like Spain of course, but then it wouldn't be, we still laugh at the temperatures given on the news weather, over the years when they say "and it will be warmer here in the UK than in many European holiday destinations" !!!! NO!!! In summer the Malaga temperature is taken in the airport or something, definitely in the shade!  And in Spain the heats builds up, the further into the day you go, the hotter it gets!  Until even in darkness the heat just comes back up at you from the ground...

Anyway!! Off my soap box.... Feel I have lots to say but my mind is tired and my hands all typed out, feeling in a strange mood!


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