Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bee Whisperer

The other week at work I was telling the girls how when my boys were small they called me outside to the archway in the garden covered in beautiful honeysuckle plant, they wanted to show me how they were stroking the bumble bees, and so as not to frighten them I joined in, and stroked the bumble bees, soft as velvet they were too! Beautiful to touch...

So, at work I became the bee whisperer...

And so a couple of days ago, following Pippa up to the top part of the garden and a bumble bee was stuck on the step, looking very sorry for itself, couldn't really move and was hobbling about like a bee who had had too much honey!  Anyway, I stroked the back of it, and it managed to move on about 2 or 3 inches when I took my hand away, then stuck again.  So I stroked its soft velvety back once more, and when I took my finger away this time some sticky spiders web came away with it!  And the bee flew away, up up up it went, freedom once more!

Bee whisperer extraordinaire!!


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