Saturday, August 17, 2013

San Lorenzo

Why do I do this, watching one of moms movies, she had told me about it, and we filled hers... and I bought it, three months before... before, we watched it together... then she said she didn't want to watch it again. Period.

So The Bucket List is tearing me apart, was, well am doing something creative, now stopped to watch the end of the end of it... I want to get moms final destination accomplished now, as soon as I can, don't want to wait much longer, will be four years by next March, and that will be nearly four years late for taking her there... the final on her bucket list...

So, again... was the week of San Lorenzo, and the Meteor shower, Perseid, which follows from the tail of an old comet and from the direction of constellation of Perseus...!!! Was lucky and saw three amazing shooting stars... and took the photo above of the half moon, looking very mystical and surreal...


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