Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today on the M4 there were special signs just for me! They were beautifully lit, 50 they said, mph... quite a lot of them too, I knew they were meant just for me though... how you ask? Could I possibly think that?? Well, simple, it was only I who slowed down and obeyed them of course!!

Porthcawl yesterday, a beautiful sunny day, there was a fun run... not sure who was having fun! The runners were hot and sweaty looking! Although the sun was out it was cold in the shade! Strange photo above, I think there must have been some lovely gardens here at some point, now only the benches remain!

The strange statue above as I see here has a strange snow effect! Shame but probably won't come out on the Blog, I'm writing on my phone... got headache, third in two weeks!!  Wanted to write, and haven't used my lap top over Christmas at all!

Had a good Christmas, worked Christmas Eve, Christmas day, night and some boxing day too...

Worked today, was out and about, luckily the winds have calmed down now, and after one downpour was wall to wall sunshine...

Beautiful isn't it at Porthcawl... a town I could live in, a real sea side town, but not overly commercialised... lots of character...

This wonderful hotel below is very Poirot don't you think!

Well amigos hope this comes out okay after writing it here... on my wonderful phone!


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