Saturday, December 14, 2013

I can't believe the hyacinth plant from last winter has come into bloom!  After the plant had fulfilled its beauty and perfume, it appeared to die off, so I put it outside the back door and forgot it, mostly, occasionally I thought to plant it!  Then last week I noticed it once more, green shoots and healthy, new life... I brought her in, let her fix out a bit! And now color, perfume... lovely

The garden is also in confusion, Peri Winkle in bloom, small blue flowers still growing... and as you can see above, the black berry bush is preparing to make fruit?? Will keep you posted on that though!

Hope any errors are not to much to bear, using my phone and not able to actually read what I have written in one go!


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Veronica Roth said...

It's all good Marian. I love winter flowers. I was just thinking about all the winter blooming things I can plant around here, like viburnum and winter jasmine. Such a pleasure. I've got a hyacinth here too but I bought it at the village shopping morning and have no idea what colour it will be. Later it'll go out into the garden too. :)