Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Margam Country Park

When Pip and I went out the other day, Margam Park was the walk of choice, for one I believed dogs to be kept on leads and plenty of refuse places, if necessary... Turned out wrong on both counts!  No matter, beautiful walk and that's the point...

Some beautiful carvings too, the giant mushroom below,  was about seven foot high!!

Shame the day wasn't a bit brighter... First time I had taken Pip out in my car, had the back seats down and covered up with old duvet, I attached her to a bracket so she couldn't get up front with me!

Below the cottage in the woods... Could build a great story around this place!

Amazingly beautiful trees fill the park, there are notices all around telling people what unusual varrerities to look out for, nature trails, and puzzles...

Above is a sweep of the Orangery... Conservatory, to me, or greenhouse!! And in the very olden days, and maybe not so well attached to a house, it would have been.. the lean to!!


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