Monday, January 13, 2014

Seriously? No Blog since last year?? Ooops sorry, have been working, and working oh and working some more and inbetween on breaks... oldest son came to visit with his girlfriend, just over new years and we had a great time, stayed in new years evening, but out and about over the two days... down to the sea and along the coast, the norm... Rhossili of course, and Porthcawl.... went back to Porthcawl storm chasing another evening with Franco, and it was stormy, no rain, but plenty of sea spray coming in, highest tides for decades and there we were hundreds of lemmings out and about risking life and limb along the road! Only two walls and some metal rails to keep us from the foamy roaring seas!

Should be writing this with more difficulty on my phone where the photos are... bare with will upload now... and now we will wait for them to come through??

Now I have used my phone to Blog maybe I should do that more often because now, nearly eleven pm and after a day spent on my ancestry site my mind is empty, my hands are tired and my eyes are slowly closing for too much work on here, had the day off unexpectedly, and now find tomorrow also the same!  Wish I had known could have had a short trip up country to visit the family.... I have to bring down some of my moms things, so much to go through which I would very much like to do so, and sooner rather than later too!

Spent some of last couple of days free times sorting though clothes too, if I haven't worn them for a while they are outta here, I have kept things for sentimental reasons too, how absurd, I get worse...  So they are going along with some ornaments that have been malingering about in boxes, things I have had for over 30 years, and are the sort of things people would say, well well, haven't seen something like that for decades!! So they too will be leaving the building shortly!

No moss gathering here folks, or dust, so watch out I say!

Photos here and I must say not my best at all!

A beach scene from Porthcawl above...and below, not great pic again but does show the very unusual rock formation hereabouts!

An old sign on the wall here as you enter the beach area, they have built a large area where there was only sand into cement, to act as a toughened protection against the seas on the sea wall itself, so bathing down there wouldn't be too bright anyway!

Although as you can see below on the night of the storm chasing... it was a lot worse, this photo doesn't even look like a photo to me! I could hardly keep hold of my phone let alone take a picture with it! Both tried to take videos but couldn't get a grip on anything to keep still long enough!!! Still though I am sure will try again during the next never before known highest tides next time they pay a vist!



Veronica Roth said...

Happy New Year sweetie. :) Aren't you happy you got out of the city and got down to the ocean? Looks lively at Porthcawl. I've been on the M4, nice that it goes all the way. The only M i really dislike is the M25. What does Terry Pratchett call it? The devil's sigil? Yup, that's about right. Nice to get rid of all the old clothes. Chloe and I have been doing the same thing lately. Something about spring cleaning and all that.

Marian Bonelli said...

Yes, it is beautiful here forsure, we came from Spain, such a huge difference from where our little house is there! Weather too! Lol was getting too hot for me!

I am clearing out all sorts, its good for my soul too, a bit of a cleansing!

I know the M25 well, lived in Herts/Bucks, before moving to Spain, M25 biggest car park in UK!