Monday, April 28, 2014

Just come across some writing I did in a book when I was a kid... I wrote in the book my name, and that the book is lucky and will give you money! Wow!! Well, maybe not as much if I hadn't written in it! A publication called The Children's Friend from 1896... possibly worth nothing with my scribbling inside it! Just glad I had enough respect not to fold the corners over or lay it down on its spine I guess!

Some of my step dads artwork from after his stroke.... it took us a while to get him to pick up his pencils again... the stroke took so much of his life, he thought he had none left....

So many interesting books I have now of my moms, and my ancestors, books dating back to the early 1700's, one aunt from way back then was in the church army, I know there is a family bible somewhere which seems to be allusive at the moment, with names and dates of my grand dad family in Crouch Hill London...


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