Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good morning from my homeland, lucky and fortunate girl I realise truly that I am...  Born in this great country of America, I am proud to be an American, I may have been pulled out of here kicking and screaming, mom told me very loudly for the while journey apparently!  I wish in some ways I had been here longer as a child, to know my family better and for longer, including my dad... But for the greatest of reasons everything stay as it is...

We have had a long journey, leaving on Sunday we went up to Nottingham to collect Barry, road works everywhere, and within two minutes of reaching him, we started to get further away due to more road works!  We drove then to Heathrow airport, about quarter hour from anyway, found hotel easy, and everything was great, some of the reviews weren't nice, but we found it excellent! Baz had an early night, so Franco and I went out, had to not get jet lag today! So we walked... And walked, there was method in our walking, so as not to get lost, and only on exiting Macy's the second time did we! But it was a good get lost, we had coffee, WiFi free, tables and chairs! And it was ten pm... We had broken through the jet lag barrier! Three am GMT ... But we were fine!

We have awoken early today non the less, all ready, nearly, Baz! To go for breakfast, I am starving, had breakfast in hotel, lunch and light dinner, ie sandwich and snacks! on the plane, then a fast food meal here in the evening!!!

Madison square gardens is over the road from the Hotel Pennsylvania where we are for these two nights, and last night a big big hockey game was happening, the New York team arrived on their coach, the streets were heaving with fans, everyone, nearly wearing the team colors! And traffic! It was yellow and black, yellow for the cabs and black for the limo's!

Okay, time for breakfast, its not even seven yet!


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