Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11th of the 11 2014 Armistice Day

On the news today they were in a British town of Bishop Auckland, Durham... The newscaster was at a school where during WW1 they planted oak trees for each of the young men who had died in the war, they were former school pupils... they did so again for those young men who died during WW2 and the last tree to be planted in  memory of a man who died in Basra 2003.

Today, as every 11th November, in the school hall a child will hold the name of one of the soldiers who gave they're lives, and one by one the 59 names will be called, and that child will leave the hall, leaving those left with the loss of the soldier passing... There are, from memory nearly twenty 100 year old massive oak trees, some twenty years younger, and the last, but by no means least still young sapling planted by the soldiers children more recently.

I hope those trees live on as a reminder of those lost at war... what an amazing memorial for those left behind, each tree a part of a family, I guess to many of the children at the school one of those trees signifies one of their ancestors...

These trees were under threat... I hope they remain safe, I feel if they cut them down now, they would bleed blood not sap...

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