Monday, December 01, 2014

Here I am on location! That sound cool doesn't it, although here I am at work is the deal... I am placed in a region not mine, but when told the location I had to do it, that and not good idea to turn down work of course!  But here I am, near the land of my grand father, he was born in Rice Lane Liverpool, I am near Southport, so not that far away, but this town seemed familiar and looking on the map found its right next to Formby! Where my great grandfather and mother lived their final years and died...

I have now walked the street they lived in, a couple of times, unfortunately I couldn't find the exact house as I only know the name and no number... But, well near enough, no no, anyone who knows me knows that's not enough, feel very disappointed couldn't stop and stare and feel connected with their exact house and home...

I have been to Southport a few times now, if it brightens today I will go to the botanical gardens, but I have been to The Atkinson, a old beautiful building in Lord Street, spent an hour only appreciating local artists and craft work, really very good, wish I hadn't had to walk around so fast, galleries are meant for time, thinking, taking in...

Anyway... I have used the maps on my pho e to get about, which has worked both ways, sending me round in circles, literally!  I ended up following a random Mercedes the other day, I had been following signs for a shopping centre, the signs stopped and I figured she might be going that way... She was, so I did!

Had to pay parking, at a retail park!?! And in the town really expensive, bit like Neath, but then maybe with them both being coastal... (Mmm, true, not Neath! Lol), and here the beach is way away from the town centre!!

Tried to grab more photos, phone playing games!!

Posting now just in case!


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