Sunday, December 14, 2014

Formby Beach, Liverpool coastline.

Some photos I took on the beach in Formby, on the Liverpool coastline...

Above some of the wind turbines out at sea...

These sand dunes look almost identical to the ones in Pembry, and the walk to the beach the same too!  I could have been picked up and dropped in either spot and not know where I was!!!

With the naked eye... the above looked more like one of those monster machines from War of the Worlds!!  Thankfully able to zoom in with the camera an oil rig came into view.... as if floating above the sea, its legs dangling down ready to make a move onto the planet Earth!

On extra 'zoom in' above still looks a strange thing indeed!

The path down to the beach at Formby, it was a long, long walk from the car park!  An observation deck half way had been where I was headed, and thought it the beach, but no!  Still further to walk, first up hill and then down!



Veronica Roth said...

Holy smokes Marian, that does look like some out of this world creature. Oh, like those walking things in Star Wars. Do you remember those? They were in the third movie I think; on that frozen planet. But the coast line looks lovely. That's one thing I miss about OXON is the lack of ocean...but then we do have the river almost right beside us. :D

Marian Bonelli said...

Veronica, I do remember from Star Wars! It freaked me out for a moment for sure! Lol We're lucky here, only a mile or so from coast, and can see the sea from the top of the garden, beyond the power station!!! Mx