Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sycamore seed pod

On one of the steps going up to the back garden just now... life beginning... a tiny green shoot, making its way from the seed of a tree...

A seed pod from a Sycamore tree further up the garden... I have temporarily planted it near those steps... It wouldn't last long on the steps with Pipster up and down a hundred times a day forsure!

And it was nice coming home and seeing this new life... Firstly I  dropped some things off in town... parking right in the heart where its 'pedestrians only' after 10;30am... exceptions excluded!  I had gathered a lot of things, that I don't need any longer, and someone else can now make a new home for them, I hope, already one item is calling back to me from the store!! Oh no!!! I have had that little ornament for longer than my boys!!! But I am trying to de-clutter, I feel choked by all the stuff I have accumulated over the years, and I get too attached to each and every one of them, that's why the sooner I can also pass on my mom's things the better, except certain items of course!!!

I want to travel lighter from now on!

From town, I took the M4 off to Fforestfach, its such a beautiful sunny day, wall to wall blue skies and the sun feels warm to the skin... lovely!

So I drove there and sat inside [tables in the shade!], and had a wonderful Chai Latte in Costa!  I had walked around Home Sense... One of my favorite stores in the UK!  It is very difficult not to buy something every single time I go in!!  So I shop on ideas instead!  And today I got plenty of them!!

Things for my new Pinterest board on Plants!  And I saw somewhere on the net an idea using magazines tightly rolled up in small pieces used to make frames, boxes, art and decor... they had some there!!! Who saw what first!!  I always want to shout out "I'll have one of everything in assorted colors please!"

In Costa the barista was very happy! In fact she was extra happy and singing a song 'Pure Imagination' [from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory], to everyone she served!!  I thought I would come away singing it... I did! :-)  Not a bad song to get stuck with!

Now back... Third day off, back tomorrow! Feels like such a long time!  Especially as I have to fit in a full weeks hours starting from Wednesday afternoon ending on Saturday!


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