Monday, February 09, 2015

Above was what faced us on the road back from Nottingham... M50 had been closed and we chose the road less driven!!! Not intentionally... and very glad the snow stopped at the kerbside and not on the road itself!

Beautiful sunset last night over Swansea, preceding this beautifully sunny day today!  Yesterday I started a new job... This is the third job I have started since June of last year by the by!

Same industry, a support worker, I was this time last year working locally, only a couple of times a week sleeping-in... I moved onto live in, on a two weeks on and two weeks off basis, nearby to Windsor;  Then onto live in wherever the need was, and over four months this only meant three weeks in Liverpool area and just over two in Cheltenham area...  My fault to some extent, not wanting to work over Christmas as our beautiful little grand daughter was due then, and also not wanting to be away for a few weeks, back for a few days and off again, I wanted to have a week or two here!!  So my next placement would have been in March... but... I applied for a couple of jobs nearby, exactly as I was a year ago :-) So, I went for an interview last Monday, a week today!  And started yesterday, I cancelled an interview I had for this morning, similar position, working as a PA support worker, but this would have only been a few hours a week...

Feast or famine... On our way up to see family in Nottingham on Friday got another call about another position!! He said to contact him if I wanted to at any time for a job with them... and then!!!! LOL a friend offered me a live in, week on week off later in the evening, but too far... Middlesborough is, with a half hour break, about six hours drive, 24hrs of driving over the course of a month... I can't, just can't!!!

But was feeling very happy for all the offers nonetheless!!! LOL

Today is a day off!! And making Chelsea buns... or cinnamon rolls as I am not in Chelsea??? Is it a trades description thing?  Wish you could smell them though!!


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