Sunday, April 05, 2015

Bit of a throw back photo above... to 1980... !  Er, yes that was, is... me, time has made some improvements I think!! At least from this photo anyway... I needed a break from house clearance, and wanted to put some nice family photos on here, instead I came across this one... will go back now and see what else I can find in my 'family folder'!!

Note: I'll have you know that wonderful 1980's suede coat spent a night on Telly Savalas's bed!

Above my great grandfather, John Picton Nelson... Born in Somerset, wish I could find his parents to add to our tree, we're kind of stuck with how to go further back now, I know the little hamlet he was born in, but no more, maybe a trip to Taunton to where they keep the records me thinks... soon!

Above is a little mix of pics I did a couple of years ago, the photos are a mix of ages, but show my brother, whose birthday it happens to be today! top left, me top right and sons beneath... they look exactly like their dad and exactly like me, which is strange, as we don't look like each other!!! lol

Okay, that's better!

Why the sadness... I did the wrong thing and opened up my old toy trunk, its mostly, mainly my toys, from the year dot!  Or at least from my first birthday, mmmmm! nearly but not quite the same thing!

Its filled with dolls and soft toys and a few books, I was doing really well, Bobby and Bubbles, the twins, eyes missing, bodies wracked with age!!! Some soft toys no longer soft but hollow, or crunchy [neither in any way a good feeling], then a doll with teeth, always startling to see, her legs gone moldy and an arm missing now... I was doing really well, all of above hit the floor, my tiny tears still hanging on with my Tressy and patch dolls!... then, I picked up a doll my mom had called Muriel, her name, the hair still wonderful and flowing dark and full, arms okay, then the legs... moldy and her eyes!! gone totally white and sightless, and that's it, and that's it again writing it down!!  They're all back in their trunk, every single one of them...

I'd been doing so well, suitcases cleared out, random randomness sorted forever, either binned or boxed to pass on; a huge amount of clothes are bagged up, some I have kept for far too long, the last dress I wore when I was pregnant with the boys!  Do I need this anymore! NO I don't, its a summer dress, it would fit, but if I haven't worn it in the last 33 years, I think that two year keep or throw option for clothing is long gone!!

Someone is coming for my mom's books later... I hope she loves them too...



Dave Jeffree said...

Yay, good old CLM 339H bless her... and that coat, well, that's another story!

Marian Bonelli said...

:-) And my hair!! What the heck!!