Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Well, why didn't I download this Blog App before? Who knows, done now!

Today I took a few items to the local thrift shop, I had carried a few heavy bags into the shop already, having to park a couple of streets away, saw a random stranger and asked him to help me, he did... And I carried the last lot myself, pausing at one point while the pile of books slid from my grasp!
I returned the good deed elsewhere an hour later, taking in a neighbours delivery item for the mailman; and their front door key, unconventionally, for these days, left in the door, unlocked!

Been a beautiful day today, very warm, sun still shining now as it dips itself behind the mountain...

I'm at work, pausing for a cup of tea, ginger and lemon! Leave the bag in too long with these things and it blows your taste buds apart!

Got a couple of hours to pack tomorrow after work, and off 'home' to Spain Thursday! Can't wait! We've got temporary sims for the trip, which means we can use the internet, as if here, they say... Mmmm not sure, I'm used to GiffGaffs all you can eat, just a shame it can't be used abroad; there is a limit, on this one, not sure how long it will take to reach!

Don't show pip but I took a photo of the little dog here earlier, here it is! 

I have actually had to edit all this, the app didn't work, as in the photos didn't load, the writing had no line spacings as I had added, furthermore... It didn't publish the post!


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