Sunday, January 24, 2016

Oh dear, what happened to last last Blog post of mine?? Thats the problem blogging using my phone, or Kindle was it?  Must use my lap top next time, I can use my phones internet to do so!

Well, I left my work placement and went to see Barry and his family, spent a wonderful five days and five nights with them all, my gorgeous wonderful granddaughter... She cried when I left the flat to go buy some bits!  she watched my every move around the room, and each morning, came crawling... or walking, pushing the door open to me, with her beautiful smile... 23 steps was the record when I was there!  Probably already surpassed!

Had a good visit with them all, went into the city a couple of times, Baz took us all out for dinner on the last evening, and on the Friday I caught the bus to East Midlands airport... Its what I would call, old school, recently updated, and really nice, small, relaxing, easy to negotiate... after Stansted with about a million people on my last return flight home, this was wonderful!

On my last couple of days with Baz I started to get a cold, probably picked up on one of three train journeys it took me to get to Nottingham!  And not sure how it stayed in its early stages, because the day after I got home it hit me like a hammer, couldn't move, my head felt like it was full of cement, my body just wouldn't coordinate at all, although I carried on carrying on, as I always do, I felt like crapola with a capital C.  I've been home over a week and still feel bad, but better, trying not to cough, but at night is when its hardest not to...

We have been out and about as I say, after Franco's Spanish course on Thursday we got in the car and went for a good drive about, we took a route to Cartama Estacion, checked out the train times... We're going to Ronda tomorrow!  Then we drove through a couple of small towns we didn't know existed until the other month when the bus brought us through them!  We kept driving, more because there was nowhere to stop to park... very busy, it was lunch time... So we came back around and onto the main road again and headed up to Casarabonela, we hadn't been there since my birthday back in 2010, had a coffee and came home...

We've visited the La Trocha twice, today we weren't going to, but then changed our minds, its been such lovely weather, warmer than normal, even for here... Franco and went to the flea market in Fuengirola yesterday and were very over dressed in our coats and boots, the tourists were in shorts and t-shirts, some in Torremolinos... were topless later on in the day!  The men I hasten to add!  And it wasn't a pretty picture, so none included!

We have been to the garden and bought earth for plants that have been living in too little of the stuff and now showing signs of it!  I bought bird food yesterday, left it out for the birds and it was still there today, I have moved it about, and not a bit has been taken, plenty of birds!  I seriously don't think they know its for them!  No birds tables, here... no bird feeders! The bird food seems to be the sort you put in bird cages... So not sure how to go about getting them to know it is for them!!  Its only the birds by the bars that know to pick up what humans drop!

We have been to town a load of times, even one evening!  We were going to go to a British bar right at the end of town, they had a band on, then we thought, maybe it wouldn't be a good thing to go there for the first time not knowing anyone... so we decided on a bar in the middle of town, another British bar, but... we decided on a Dutch bar instead!  We are so not used to British bars, but we want to expand our friends and contacts here... Maybe next weekend...

The view this morning, I had taken Pipster out for a walk, and came home, I was sat on the terrace drinking a cup of tea, watching the sun come up, so far it was only on Las Delicias...

And when we were out for a walk yesterday afternoon, Pip was very intrigued by the cat on a lead, the cat was huge, I kept trying to take sneaky pics when we having a coffee in the bar, but had to wait until we were over the road, and then just blatantly take a photo!

I caught this reflective view of life in Casarabonela before our coffees arrived!

This week, we have Ronda tomorrow, and some friends are due out who live down on the coast at Calahonda, and another friend who will staying down at Torremulle... We will enjoy his singing if he puts on a show down there!


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