Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wonderful day in Ronda yesterday, after so many trips by car we thought a trip by train would be really great!  As aforementioned we had checked out the train times and got there in plenty of time, got a coffee first in nearby bar... When we got onto the platform two guys got off the Malaga train, they needed to get to Malaga airport and had inadvertently got the wrong train, they needed to be on a plane in an hour!  They walked into Cartama Estacion to get a cab, wonder if they made it...

The lookout from near the band stand at Ronda, view from the Parador

I tried to take photos that I had not before!  Bit difficult after going to Ronda for 28 years now!  I don't think I had been there since mom passed away... not sure... It was her birthday on Sunday...

The train journey was lovely, took loads of photos... as did most of the people on the train! At one point, we stopped at Bobadilla, a strange, very old station, seems to be out in the middle of nowhere!
Blossoms and cactus fruit... best served cold!

 ...And pulled out the way we had come in, so spent the last part of journey going backwards!  Most people moved seats, seeing as there were plenty of free ones, probably not the case in high season! and on the way back Franco and I swapped seats so I did the last part of the journey in reverse!  I don't think I used to like to travel backwards but don't mind it now! Which is pretty good seeing as the amount of train journeys I now have to make are leaving me going backwards most of the time!
View from the Parador, looking down at a faraway house and looking up at a hotel balcony...

It was a festival in Ronda, unbeknownst to us!  So 90% of the shops were closed! Dammit!! But, one shop was open, one I have been going into since our first visit there... A shop that sells all sorts of bits and pieces, toys at the back, kitchenalia to the left, and gadgets all over the place! Wonderful shop, full of so many things I have always wanted but didn't know it until I walked in!
Weather vein on an old palace and a bullfighter outside the Ronda Bull Ring

I bought a little gadget for my camera or phone, not actually supposed to be for such a use, but I will use it for photography!
Great visual effects with new gadget!

The lack of shopping opportunity also didn't stop me buying a bag, I needed a new one! Of course! Who doesn't??  By travel bag is shot, so bought a replacement!

We had tapas in a great tapas bar... a few cups of coffee, and a far bit of walking, the journey was great, train comfortable, all good, except, I have never watch watched while in Ronda before! Although I knew we had plenty of time I was worried about missing the train home!



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