Friday, March 04, 2016

I am finding it hard going these days, it is six years ago... six years today... feels like yesterday, so much has happened since that I have to tell my mom, I still think to pick up the phone, still want to share my life... We are never prepared for anything really in life, and death we are least prepared for when our loved ones leave us... everything left unsaid, all the new stuff, all the silly stuff, the non sense stuff, and mom's want to hear all of it!

Its just gone 7am, woke up to a covering of snow, just like mom's final days... its snowing now, the sky a mix of powder blue and powder pink, and tears streaming down my face, it will be very difficult today, especially to keep smiling.

I hope I am taking my mom with me wherever I go, I want her to live on through my eyes, and to always live on through me, she is always in my heart and I keep her alive there...

To live on in our hearts is not to die


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