Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Morning Dew

Back in work now almost a week.  I try to speed the week through by missing all the days between each week, round up the days so to speak! So when I arrived on Wednesday last week I said, 'Okay, four weeks next Wednesday!'  Therefore, tomorrow I will be saying, 'three weeks' next Wednesday!

Just my way of getting by, especially as this is a long five weeks stint...

But serious stuff now! You know, ladies out there reading this, there are a few things that no one told me about, now they must be things lots of people do know, just never bothered saying... like moms telling daughters!  I know when young I found there were several unknown factors that I had to come across by myself!  But as I get older, some more are becoming quite clear!

Last month I mentioned to son about an eyebrow... just the one!  My eyebrows have always treated me well!  Never having to pluck or change or move about... only a little tweezering when I was about 13 and they remembered where I didn't want the odd stray and they never came back there!  Then suddenly, and I mean suddenly!  My left eyebrow is not the same as the right!! To all intents and purposes it looks okay, but the structure of the hairs has changed, and one grew really long!!!  My son didn't look too surprised, nodded and agreed, and when I said 'this doesn't seem like news to you!'  he said it wasn't and was something that had happened to him years ago!!! LOL  Minus the tweezering of course! LOL

And, now this is the really bad news that maybe some people know, or don't!?!  Well, I know I have a good head of hair, as people always tell me, but this has definitely thinned out!  I can feel it, and it is really worrying me, which probably won't help... Reading up on this, it seems that when estrogen levels drop, testosterone levels increase, bringing the male hair pattern with it!  So check out your dad or granddads hair line!

It coincided with me upping my levels of turmeric, for bonus reasons, then found a negative of too much turmeric is hair loss!!  Also been under a bit of stress this year, so could just be a combination of things I guess, I need to relax about it and not get panicky!

Morning Dew
I've walked into town once in the last week, and have to walk in again today... I know its not that far, but it seems it, about 20 minutes to half hour, the last bit back here is uphill all the way... The road is fast, a 60mph zone and the other day there were about half a dozen Welsh Water trucks were parked up near a hole in the ground!!  I asked if this was the Welsh water well?  A man said 'yes!' and we stealing it and taking it to England!!

I have to try to walk in at least once every few days, otherwise I just don't get fresh air or exercise, and I must, its very tiring doing nothing, and I need air!!

Today looks like another hot one, yesterday evening at ten to six, this is what the thermometer read!


Summer in Wales, don't blink!  Come visit!  Take me to town!! LOL


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