Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Its another beautiful day here in Welsh Wales... had a couple of dreary days after last weeks heatwave, and now today its back! Hot hot hot!!

And so enough already of the weather report! How sad I am being!!

Time is going okay, I am, as aforementioned, calling on the next week in my thinking, so its two weeks next Wednesday for me now! And as its Wednesday tomorrow, it really will be two weeks on Wednesday, the rest of this week is going to be a busy one due to the amount on the calendar, and although not wishing my life away, just my time here, it will soon be Monday and in my head I will be saying one week next Wednesday!!

I'm getting confused though and well ahead of myself, because I have only been here two weeks tomorrow!! LOL and it feels like months already!!

Closeup shot of a clematis above and a spider-like creature below, its not a spider, its a Harvestmen thingy! There are hundreds on the outside of the house in the evening!!  Its like they're gathering up!

That's it!  The 2016 Olympics are over, I have never in all my life watched this much of them!  I was a captive audience! And now TV is back to cookery programs and nature documentaries, really the only things here...

My friend who comes to visit me here has been away in Italy!  She is back now, and I can't wait to see her! Web cam conversations with family and phone calls with friends, they all keep me real...

[hanging in!]

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