Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Just pulled the curtains that face the back part of the garden and this little chap is running around doing somersaults! Flipping this way and that! His tail flicking and twitching!  Digging for a moment.. No! nothing there! Then running off after another flip and tumble! Cute!

Above was taken the other day though, here chomping down on something from a tree, look like young, never to mature nuts of some sort... And later he was rooking around in a flower tub, so I tapped on the window to draw him off them!  Did he run away?  did he stop?  No, he continued, so I knocked again against the glass, nothing! I drew back the inside secondary glazing and started to open the exterior window... he stopped, turned to look at me... and came running up to the window in a nano second!  On which point I hastily shut the windows again!!

I think he wanted to come in!  Remember from past posts he does come up to the window and tap, puts his little face up to the window and looks in, as if to say "hey, got any food in there chaps?"

Been a hard few days, but tomorrow I can say with all truth and honesty to myself, one week to go! And the daily countdown can begin! Five weeks is hell!  That is all I can say.


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