Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Angels without wings

First these photographs... We've been 'steam punked'... Well, sort of, we have the coolest pipework in the house now, to keep us warm... Above photograph I took yesterday on the terrace zooming into the floor level in the lounge below...

and from the living room looking up into the blue beyond... Then the test fire! Smoke signals away!

and.... how it looks in the lounge! I'll take a shot of the wood burner tomorrow!  The pipe is lovely and warm, radiating heat up through the house, so very cool! in a wonderfully hot way!

Now to more 'real' things... I am back home as you can see, I shouldn't be of course! Due to leave work as I was on Friday this week and home on the Saturday, but it was an emergency, for Franco... He needed to stay in hospital for some tests, and of course couldn't with the Pipster here!  So I flew home the following day, and Franco was able to get in first thing Friday morning.

I must say if it wasn't for some very real angels without wings I would have had a journey of hell to get back as quick as I did, not just physically but mentally!... My manager of course first, in finding the lady I support cover as quickly as she did, which enabled me to book the flight quickly... and to that support angels mom who got her on the car insurance to speed up her arrival at placement as quickly as she did!

A word from a sister to call a near sister... miles of driving in her car instead of buses and trains and late arrival into an unknown hotel in the middle of the night or early hours! But a comfortable ride and a listening ear, a bed in her family home and ride in the morning to Bristol airport... The flight was cheap thank goodness, although whatever price would have been good to go!

Then on home soil a friends mom came for me, waiting at arrivals by her car for me when I got there, only my hand luggage that I now carry I was landed and out in about ten minutes, even the flight booking gave me a 5th row isle seat for free!

Twenty seven hours after Francos call I was with him in hospital!
Málaga University hospital is the best, fantastic staff, 24 hour visiting hours, five meals a day, for Franco that is!  The rooms are all two bed, and the other guy he shares with is nice, they get on great and similar problems.  The rooms are cleaned over three times a day! A bit noisy, but then most hospitals are noisy! and with no quantity of visitors restrictions that the UK has, some people have quite a few visitors at any one time and voices carry...

Franco didn't want to cancel the wood burner installation, but they too were great!  Arrived earlier than the time they said, so before 8am, short breakfast and lunch breaks and they were all done by 4pm.... and then I was off to Málaga, and when offered a tenner more, to round it up, he said 'no'... the price is the price, and nada mas!

Okay amigos, don't worry, leave me to do that, because I can assure you I am!
No answers on here by-the-by, so its either email or one of the other many forms of getting me!


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