Monday, November 21, 2016

Feel sure I should be writing something on here... Just not sure what, or even a why now...

Franco has come home from hospital, a week ago last Friday... I don't think I can write on here at the moment about stuff, so keeping it photographs and whatever...

Francos sister and son have been over, we have been out and about, below La Trocha set up for chess...

And on the top of Miramar at Las Lagunas its Christmas time already!  Lots of family entertainment for young and old!

I asked Father Christmas and his elf to pose for me for a moment!

Sun snow sky and sea.... part of a shed and a Christmas tree!

We went to the car boot sale at the Hipódromo at La Cala de Mijas yesterday, it was okay, or even quite good, especially after the same 'ol same 'ol up at La Trocha on a Sunday.  We had had a spot of rain earlier on and wind was whipping up but it stayed away while we were up there almost at the top of the mountain!

The rain came down later though, by the bucketful, and it rained most of the night and still this morning on and off... Took Pipster out and it started to spit and spot on our way home!


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