Monday, December 12, 2016

No reality here folks! Please...

Feliz Navidad... Christmas last night in Málaga city for Franco and I.... had a wonderful time, making wonderful memories, although I had to stop him from time to time to just stop and hold him... while I tried to stop time and reality from breaking into my perfect little world...

The small church down at the marina still seems a strange sight amongst all the shops and the hundreds of people filing past taking almost no notice of it... a place of calm surrounded by bedlam.

The main street in the city, Calle Larios.... before the lights and music began!

I will try to get one of videos on here, but my camera on phone, didn't do well, and I am having trouble loading the vids from Francos camera... blah!!

At the end of the street in the main square, after the first 'lightening up', the huge old building there had its own display with music and lights, took way too many photographs of this!!

It was packed down there, the street... waiting for the start of the festivities, and I must have got bashed several times!!!

We had doctors appointment today down at the Cudeca Hospice, visit went well, it was for Franco and I was also included... We chatted about how things were left when we left the hospital, and that Franco will be having some complementary therapies, and some x-rays to check his shoulder pain, also some different pain meds and she said we can change them until we fix the pain problem... very nice visit, no hurrying, no rushing about, and the centre is calm and relaxed, I think Franco was expecting something else, so he was pleasantly surprised, if one can be pleasantly surprised in a hospice, or in this situation.

I know one thing forsure, everyone there seems very surprised at just how fit Franco is; driving, walking, shopping, you know, all the usual things!! We said about having spent hours in Málaga city last evening enjoying the lights and music... We are just living normal lives, doing what normal people do, and in my little world all is rosy and happy... and if I don't stop and think too much...


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