Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Orange blossom...

Today we had a short visit at Cudeca to meet Francos physiotherapist, all went well, and we have another appointment for Friday for Franco to have some physio!  Before I forget, we also popped in to see the nurse here in Alhaurín, the doctor gave us his name and number and told us to, so we did, no appointment necessary, no call, just popped in on our way home, he called a translator and he and Franco via the translator had a good conversation and we have an appointment tomorrow, no hanging about, really great..

We popped into Torremolinos to pick up a few things on our list, picked up a few things, not on our list, because what was, wasn't it store!!

We then went to Plaza Mayor for a bite to eat, and wandering around afterwards I could smell the wonderful orange blossom aroma in the small square there...

Yesterday, we ate lunch out too, this has to stop... for obvious reasons!  €€€€€€€ LOL... but anyway, we enjoyed lunch at Los Morenos near the BP garage, I had my favorite of lamb chops, while I ate the whole lot, minus one [which Franco ate], Franco told me how unhealthy they are because of the amount of fat... but dang... thats the whole reason I eat them!! LOL

Night before I made myself a small pizza! the whole thing!!! It tasted okay, I wasn't ill afterwards, always a bonus, and as you can see Pippa wanted some, although it could have tasted fowl and Pippa would still have wanted some!!  We should have named her gannet!!

And you'll never guess what this is a photograph of!!

Ah... Okay, well a few nights ago I was finishing off my glass of milk and reading my Kindle and I saw through the glass this beautiful spectrum... grabbed my phone and voilá!

It started to rain, just a few drops as we came home earlier, about half four I guess, now, at 7:30pm its chucking it down again! Terrrrrrific!!!

Today when we were out and Franco and I were walking down the long haul of steps to get us back down to the paseo maritimo, Franco kept saying 'is this the restaurant we usually cut through?'.... and I had to keep saying no, not this one either!!  And I said to him... You know Franco your sense of direction is terrible and if there really is a promised land, and if you go there first, you'll have to wait for me so I can get us there together...


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