Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thank you...

You couldn't believe what happened last night, its like the devil is on our tails... Franco finds a nice warm bath helps his pain, so he fills the bath and is in the bath, maybe half hour, three quarters... anyway, our living room is next to the bathroom and after some while I start to hear a 'drip drip' noise, I couldn't work out why? or where it could be coming from?  I didn't even check it out immediately thinking it was just in the bathroom somehow..

Then I did, I knew Franco was alright, I could him in there, suddenly panicked in case the water was coming out over the top of the bath and running onto the landing and dripping down the stairs... Checked the landing, no... checked down the stairs, no... walked further down the stairs and saw water pouring from the ceiling lights... I shouted to Franco and he quickly got out of the bath and opened the plug to drain it...

Saying to me not to put on the light as I in fact was doing without even thinking of it!

Luckily it didn't shock me or short out the electricity!

Water was coming from cracks which had appeared in the plaster on the ceiling, all over the place, mainly over the ceiling light here above, it was dripping off the fan blades, dripping from the lights themselves, luckily we had recently taken out the four lights surrounding the big one and they were so bright!!

Plaster fell from the ceiling onto the blades and onto the floor along with the water... the new day bed was soaked through in one place, the mattress the drawer beneath...

... and several places all around.

So I pushed the day bed out of the way as best I could, mostly on my own as I didn't want Franco doing it, I had to move the dining table first and the wet rug... What a nightmare!!

For a long time we just watched it pour then change to just constant drips wherever the water came from... Franco got a head full of plaster, which was blue on one side?  Looks like they painted the cement blue?? So got the blue smurf treatment all over the floor and heads!

In the end after about an hour and half I just went up stairs, got into bed and felt numb, empty and nothing... 

I took this photograph when I came down this morning, I then preceded to sweep, mop and move furniture back into place and now only the blue above and the cracks are still there... that and the fact we can't use the bathtub!! The only bathtub in the house! Two toilets, one tub!!

Why has it happened?  It can't be the tap that broke while I was away, a little of back splash water from the shower could be the only thing and the taps are not leaking at all, it wasn't that the pipe work got blocked because the tub just wouldn't have emptied at all, or the sink... so it must be that the exist pipe, or around the plug hole somewhere has become detached... Its not like we jump about in there!! Or dropped something in there even, nothing we can think of could have moved the dam thing to allow all the water from the full bathtub to empty through the TV room ceiling!!

The plumber came out this afternoon, he is coming back tomorrow, he has to remove the tile on the side to get to the exist pipes, we don't have a bath panel, just tile, so we will lose those and don't have any spares... of course!

And in due course when the cement has thoroughly dried we will get someone in the re-plaster that!

Its unbelievable isn't it!

But then at least I am here, home... and here is where I am going to stay now!  I cannot possibly ever leave Franco home alone again...

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