Thursday, March 02, 2017

Francos daffodils on our balcon, he wanted daffs! So last year they were planted and here now in full bloom!

Franco is so tired, he has very little energy... We went out last Friday I think it was, to search down a motorbility scooter for him... It was raining and we had to keep sheltering under trees and shop awnings in Fuengirola! Franco in his wheelchair... We weren't happy!

We found a guy who sold second hand mobility scooters, left a deposit and he serviced it and called us Monday, so we went to collect it!  We drove down along the paseo, parked and walked back to the port... Well I walked and Franco made use of his new wheels! Glad he's got the speed turned down! It's nippy!

We had fish and chips along the port, very nice it was too.   Then headed home, via Also!

We have an appointment with Francos consultant tomorrow, Friday 3rd, at the hospital, not seen him since November.

Weather is improving, bit chilly over night still, but that smell of spring is in the air... The smell of promise...

My tolerance is on zero, I'm sorry, it is... And a guy down in Mercadona car park just now begging, got a verbal punch to his gut...

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