Friday, March 24, 2017

The Shared Road - every pain and every tear...

Second full day in hospital.
Early on, like forever ago it has always been 'we' when we say stuff, and that has never stopped, when talking to doctors or Cudeca or local clinico Franco always 'we take this or that' or 'we started getting this or that in such 'n such a month'... Not sure what they think with us saying 'we' here... They probably think it's a language thing... I'm sure our español is improving though, it has to, although some of these medical words were never high on our must learn list!

The op did go well, stent in place and catheter releasing the awful bile which has been poisoning Francos body.  I'm sure his skin is looking better, and the whites of his eyes more white than yellow...

Franco is enjoying the wonderful food, three course meals twice a day, plus breakfast and two snacks! I am living off scraps lol! My fault, the other day I did eat a good meal with Franco in the hospital canteen before we were admitted, and today I had takeaway from there to eat here in our room.... Paella! And very nice it was too for less than five euro!

I promise to have one good meal a day from the canteen.

It's Mother's day in the UK this Sunday, will be a strange one for me here in hospital!

I also moved the car today, it was round the corner out of sight, now I can see it in the car park!

Great view! Did I tell you? The Mediterranean stretched out beyond, and vistas of Alhaurín de la Torre, Churriana, Torremolinos and all the way around Málaga... All from our hospital window...

We wish we were home with our Guadalhorce valley view, just have to wait a few days more and we will be, with Pip and we can relax again and just be us.


David McIntyre said...

Marian and Franco, we think of you daily, both stay strong you're an inspiration.
Love D&B xx

Marian Bonelli said...

Thank you both; I fear though writing more, writing the fear in my heart... in our hearts...Would be too much for everyone to bare.. love mxx