Monday, October 16, 2017


There is a weird calm before the storm outside.. the sky is red... the wind is starting to build up... At the shopping centre today when I came out of a popular clothes store whose TV advertisement had drawn me in, and I thought what Next!?! So got some food shopping completed too!

But the car park there was eerie... a strange quietness, trees blowing and people rushing about quietly! It was, is, very warm out, and as I speak the color outside is changing again, almost an orange glow! I've just added this bit... I've realised too, in the car park, and here.... no birds!

I know the hurricane Ophelia is headed towards Ireland, but that is some way from here... wondering if the great storm of '87 which happened exactly 30 years now... could be on a re-run!

Sorry, had to get coffee... hah! Like you knew... and also!! ah ha! I just ran back down again to answer the door! Package for next door!

So... here is a photograph of the sky when I got back at 11am...

This is not stylised, this is as is! I also know, Do Not Look At The Sun! Mwwwhh!

The sky is more orangy now...

Last night, lasted a while, so when I got back here after shopping, I laid down for an hour, couldn't really sleep, but rested a while knowing I didn't have to keep an ear open!

So when I got up I felt more refreshed! And now only concerned I will have fallen trees ahead of me to collect my customer later!

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