Saturday, October 14, 2017

Traveling Road

Wow! This week flew by! Blogging from my phone so apologies ahead of time for errors to be quite honest, I am not going back to look for!

As in life as in Blogging!

Just eaten my breakfast, coffee going down well, thought I would write to you...

Weather is still great, had a two minute downpour yesterday as I was walking, change to running! into a supermarket yesterday after morning in a centre.

My Parker remains unworn!!! Three weeks, no coat in England, sometimes just the t-shirt! I am sure by mid-November I will be all hugged up in my favourite winter coat!

And so yes, three weeks gone, four weeks to go then a week of days! Lol

Last night I couldn't sleep properly, thinking I'm already moving into US time zone! Was talking about this last night... Which means every morning I wake up tired from bed, it's because that's where I should be going!

I have often wondered over the years the path my life would have taken had my mom not flown me as a toddler, across the world... Where would I have settled, what work, what life... lol what accent!

I am truly blessed that this is the path I'm on, because of a life filled with richness of family, friends, my life so far... my amazing sons both with beautiful and amazing wives, my granddaughter, the most remarkable baby girl in the world, of course. Nothing, not one single thing would I change... I have such amazing bonds of friendship, which will never break, I have such gratitude for everyone I've met along my path, for good or bad, people make us who we are...

But, and it's a big but! But what of the wheel I imagine our lives run along, like an old wagon wheel, or maybe spiders web, with the links across? I am guessing the middle would be birth... then coming out, jumping from line to line... Towards Ithaka...

But what of the lines we lived on in our lives? Do they continue somewhere? I know I've said before but when I'm back in the states, I see glimpses of a life I feel I'm in...

And how many times have I bumped into people I know, somewhere I wouldn't normally see them!??? Okay, well maybe that's nothing to do with anything!

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