Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas road... Lights and baubles...

Great weekend with my family in Nottingham, over too fast especially arriving late Friday and leaving early Monday morning! Although I saved time not having a bag in the hold I must have just missed a bus and had to wait about 45 minutes for the next one! It was freezing! Literally! And dark and a bit creepy! Few people about, I did check  on taxi prices, but at nearly £50.00 it was a NO!! 

After so many different time changes and temperature changes this was the worse!! Saturday Tony and Kate came up for lunch in the city centre, we went to Chiquitos, food was good, but we had a short wait, seemingly all the longer for being so hungry!

Sunday evening we went to an outdoor Christmas music concert at the Arboretum, the band undercover inside the bandstand, it's only open at the front and glazed around the rest...

It was dark, a slight wetness in the air, the plastic chairs were wet, it was damp and cold... And we all had a really great time! Two women on stilts dressed in silvery white made massive bubbles all evening, with hoops and things! Which made more of an impact on the children than the music I think! Especially when trying to pop them! Causing small mini showers each time!

And suddenly Monday! I got the same tram as Barry, getting off at the station, slipping and sliding on the icy path to the bus stop, looking worriedly as to which stop was mine the bus came! And an hour later I was at the airport, and in the departure lounge, again! And coffee!! I've got so professional now at security, fluids of course in their bag, but I also put all my electricals in a bag too, tipping them out into a box separating them out! Saves that last minute trying to get them all out of my bag, or trying to balance them in my arms with coat, boots, carry-on bag and fluids!!!

Then for some reason I started looking around the shops, I haven't bought anything in all these departure outlets all year! Apart from chocolate maybe and water! Thankfully! Well I think this 18th departure caught me off guard! And it was "um, smart little purse! 30% off!" And then more off at the till! £14.50 ✓ Then, in another shop ... "Oh, I like that! One left, my size! And 70% off! Would be so rude not to!" So I did!! £12.90 ✓ Lol. Finishing it off by purchasing a Bluetooth headset on board!! No discount! ✓?

My pre-ordered food was great both ways, never done that before either! So nice just being brought the food and coffee, ahead of everyone else too! I'm sure they do it to get other people to order! The two men either side of me on return flight, both got hungry smelling the Moroccan meal I was enjoying! Chocolate pudding and cheese and biscuits! Oh bread roll and butter!! 

Yesterday I went to Miramar on the coast, for coffee! Above! Wasn't really for just coffee, but turned out that way, first on the list was dropping off my broken suitcase then I was buying wood and going to Aldi...

Where I usually drop off big items the truck was there!  Then coming up to the wood merchant the sun visor fell off completely! Catching me on my right wrist... Missed the turn! So with a big case and no wood I thought I'd skip this Aldi and just go for coffee! And paid €1.60 for the privalige of a small cup of coffee with a handle too small to actually be able to safely hold!

I wandered briefly around the shops and supermarket but after Mondays whirlwind shopping spree at the airport I decided against lingering long in there!

So I drove back up into the safety of my mountains... Bought my wood from my old seller, dumped the case, bought the groceries from Aldi in Coín... And back to Alhaurín and more coffee! In the sun! Check out my bruise!! A week ago today the dentist, the bruise appeared Saturday!?! 

Today, waking up early, thinking where to go today... Fuengirola? Malaga? I'm searching... I think for Christmas, as usual, at this time of the year, and maybe this year more than ever... It's the little girl in my heart, still searching for the elusive magical Christmas...

I have seen good Christmases, I know, a few... But the lead up to Christmas always makes me search for that something else... I know what it is, I've said it before, and I told my brother recently... At Christmas I always hoped my dad would come for me, come to see me, anything, I just wanted my dad.

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