Wednesday, May 30, 2007

few photos from my trip back west!!! here is tony, it was a bank holiday and we were in london, this was before it started raining... although inbetween it was warm enough. this is near piccadilly and the trocadero centre, coffee and a cake for me, tony has very well turned his drip around.... no publicity please!

and above and below is where i had lunch a couple of times, here with janette above, and the view from inside out below, it is a morrocan restaurant, really lovely food and wonderful flavoured coffee's.

think the girl who took first photo thought i was a little crazy asking her to take a photo for me in there!

should have taken more of st albans, its such a beautiful city, the cathedral is wonderful, and i did spend lots of time wandering around the town, so next time more shots where tony is now living i think.

today sitting reading on the terrace, i hang a big sheet over the washing line, bit of privicy, i know its only local people that could see me, and of course being local the last thing they would be doing is sitting on their roof terraces in nearly 100degrees of heat... mad crazy foreigners, us i mean! man dogs and englishmen etc etc.... sorry gone off havent i... what i was saying was, me sitting there reading and on the other side of the sheet i heard a strange noise like a cat landing on four paws and a strange other noise, like a sound you would make landing kind of thing, i flew around the sheet and nothing there!?!

too much stephen king i hear you amigos, maybe so, the other evening i put out our rubbish, as we do late evening by the front door, and i had a bit of a shock the street was black, not just dark, the street lights were all out, i could see light coming over from the next street, but our narrow road from left to right was as black as a coal pit! it was like the light had been sucked out of it! i jumped back in and shut and locked the door quick, told franco how spooky it was... yes he laughed at me of course!

If only we could be enlightened enough
to be able to listen in the silence...


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