Thursday, May 31, 2007

just a quick note tonight...

kind of forgot about the full moon at the start of may, did it happen? on one calender i have it showed a full moon and another tonight... a blue moon in other words. we dont get many of them and for some reason i always keep an eye out for them as theyre so special.

well my spanish calaender shows a full moon begining of june and the second one at the end of june, instead of may... where is my blue moon? and did i miss it!

next door had a bit of a problem last night and wanted to see if we had had our camera on, well, it is now... the one that overlooks the back of our houses, seems something, well someone i think i should say got into where theyre dog lives and pulled out a heavy bag... uh oh... now i have written that i have spooked myself again, remembering that noise i heard yesterday when i was sitting on the terrace, then the thing that happened next door... (theyre dog didnt make a noise by the way!) and the full moon.... or nearly!

remember the warewolf of alhaurín..... da da da daaaaaaaaaa1


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