Thursday, December 06, 2007

Día de Constitución

what a beautiful day today... its quiet too with so few people out and about, pippa and i left home about 930am and walked down towards the 12 fountains and along the lower road, turning left and heading to the up hill road that skirts around town, passing over the fuengirola crossroads where the tabacconist is on the corner... on wards and up wards along blas enfante and all the way to the park at the top of the veriante and down to the cruz roundabout above!

into the shop for a quick chat and then pippa and i sat down me coffee and water! we were joined by a couple of friends and sat for ages talking and watching the world start to wake up and come past!

we had gone the long way round to search out paco.... but not one stray dog did we see, only the three that belong to the guy who is always after a euro for coffee, and he was sat at the fuengirola crossroads asking each and everyone who went into the shop for money, his dogs crossed over the road infront of traffic to have a word with pippa! but i sent them on their way...

we were gone for just over 3 hours by the time we got home, pippa was tired out, she only sat briefly when offered a bite of someones bacon other than that she stays standing up the silly thing, so she is still asleep on the bed and not looking like moving...

we have all been comenting how warm it is once the suns up and i came home and went up to sit on the terrace, it was only 15 in the shade, the same as london i see just now, but once the sun came up over the town hall and onto me i could really feel it, so i put the thermometer in a better place and it read 33 by the time it reached stopping place, so it was 60/15 and then up to 90/33 not half bad eh!

warmed me up and now i am glowing, its funny how i get more of a tan in any time of the year thats not summer... its just to hot then to sit out in the heat...

photo at top of page is of the cruz roundabout this morning, christmas decs and sunshine...

then the flowers up on our terrace basking in the sunshine... and below the temperature!!!

when its just on the 30 and still on its way up!

and above.... a neighbors washing on the line just now... the water tank and sink is where she does her washing, every day, out side with the cold water in a sink with a wash board ledge just as they have done for way too long... poor ol' gal!

To love is to commune with another person
and to discover in him or her a divine spark.
By the river piedra i sat down and wept.


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