Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rhydian wins X factor

brrrrrrrrr.... been raining a bit the last few days, not heavy but on and off enough to make our house look like a laundry inside! clothes hanging everywhere there is a place to hang!

sunday down on the fuengirola road there were a couple of nasty accidents, the first we saw on our way down on the same old dodgy corner it always happens with a damp road, a four x four with trailer both on their sides, another car completley busted up ahead of it! and on the next trip past another car, same place, same mess!

we went to la trocha on sunday too, lots of people in the stores and milling around the market stalls, cafes all full, which was good to see.

franco and i are getting ready for our trip away for christmas, a couple of friends of his are over from wales and staying at ours while we are away which has worked out great for both us, and them! free accomodation and house sitting!

paco, friends dog, is still missing, if i could find him, or anyone find him, i can think of no better present for them... but, he has now been gone for three weeks, its a long time, so hopefully he is just settled in with another family and then, one day, they will take him to vets and his chip with tell them he belongs to another family.... who miss him dreadfully...

oh if you wondered about the title of this page, Rhydian would have won if the phone lines hadnt been blocked... immediately after the lines opened his announced the lines are now closed! arh!

its a shame for leon, but rhydian never sung a song badly, he looks a little strange at times, but there is no question of his great talent as a singer... absolutely fantastic... sorry leon but... and i had to delete bits out of this paragraph, unfair views by the majority who are in favor of the rhydler!

The warrior of light
listens to what his opponent has to say.
He only fights if absolutely necessary.
Manual of the Warrior of Light


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