Monday, December 10, 2007

(not our tree above)

anyone buying a house down in the area primed for the new road system around alhaurín should be checking with their lawyer thats theyre not buying now and losing it tomorrow... if you know what i mean... as in an over heard conversation today that means someone will be! please dont let it be YOU!

went down to the miramar parque yesterday now the shops are open on sundays... the mall shopping centres anyway that is. lots of people there us from the uk going like crazy for presents whilst, of course, local people not having to get theirs till january 6th!

the local correo this morning was hell! instead of having stamps and buying them then we stick 'em on out of the way the poor girl has to frank every single item while you wait! aaaaarh!

we really are being lucky with our weather, its still not cold enough that the sweater or light jacket you put on in the early morning is required later on during the day...

The Lord listens
to the prayers of those
who ask to be able
to forget hatred,
but is deaf to those
who want to flee love.
The Fifth Mountian


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