Friday, April 16, 2010

even in my sleep... i dreampt i was at Tony and Kates, almost their house, and Bonny was there too! Kates Mom's dog! and they were telling me what food and movies i could have Saturday evening, and i thought oh they must be out, i'll go to Mom's for the night, take the air bed the pillow... then i remembered.... in my dream... and i broke all over again...

it rained last evening again, lots of it, and lots of bits of dirt came down off the roof onto a towel out on the terrace *drying* in the loosed sense of the word it seems now! i sillyly thought maybe the black bits were volcanic fallout! until they showed on the telly the grey dust that it actually looked like! as if it could get all the way down here????

i meant to tell we had an earthquake down here sunday evening... a Twitter friend posted it on monday... the guys in the states registered it as a 6.4, but here is spain they said it was only 4. something... anyway have linked to it and i havent actually read it yet! sorry, word of mouth from Franco on the newspaper headline yesterday... will read it later off line..l.

so the rain... rained again this morning, cats and dogs!!! i think also it rained while i was in here yesterday on here, going by the puddles and wet people everywhere, so i got back quick when i left here!

a couple came in here about half hour ago, they are on the public internet machine in the corner and *he* is reading out something for his mrs to type, of course i dont know who its for but its very condescending, i shouldn't be listening i know... but ;-) they are closing now, we look forward to hearing from you soon, love bla bla bla, although the get out of our house, get a job, go back to uni, go to another country, an eu country where you can work, and learn another language, get a job, use your savings, use your grades, then you can come back.... oh and your a lovely person.... i'm not sure if the person will respond or not!!

ok yes enough to worry about than there problems i hear.... i hear!!!

when we went out last evening i showed Franco the pipework now exposed on the beach, the local sewage system i guess, just hope no young, or old thugs take to it with a rock or something, hope its stronger than it looks!

the coastline here has completely changed over the last five years, they no longer pile sand onto the beaches, no money for that, so its eroding badly, the path from Bar Capricho is only just holding up, i dont think it will take another winter, it will be use the beach or nada! so the nearby fences from the urbanisations there will be the next to fall...

by the apartment here, there is a huge dip where you have to run back up the other side, and the walk is narrower than last year, by half at least! where once was sand is now only rocks that lay undiscovered before, now laid bare... maybe some photos no! will try to do some over next few days....

ok... amigos, weekend now, well nearly...


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