Tuesday, April 27, 2010

some random photos today... above the Paris Opera house...

Notre Dame...

and a snail! well its strange, that long shell!

its a wonder we don't have snails in the house isn't it? i was thinking, as usual! its a little like flood damage our house, i know thank God it didn't actually get flooded like some people i know, but if its wood or leather its green and mouldy, and the walls too!

you know, i do know how fed up you must all be with my moaning about almost everything at the moment, i am sorry every blog so depressing, if it means anything to you i do feel better talking about everything knowing i have a listening ear... see how i have gone from plural to singular... is there anyone out there...? what was it Jodie Foster said in the Movie Contact? CQ CQ? ok had a look on the web! she said "CQ, this is W9GFO. CQ, this is W9GFO here. Come back? "

did anyone see that poor woman on the tv the other day who had had a bad migraine, it caused a slight stroke only effecting her speech and some memory, now she speaks English with a Chinese accent! the doc said its quite rare, but on the news there had been 3 or 4 people all quite recently!

i forget to say yesterday, i think i forgot? there was a little green haired troll doll stuck in the fence on the way to the beach yesterday, still there maybe forgot to look this morning, it was like something voodoo! just hanging there, maybe the cats had put it there to stop Pippa wanting to get past it??

was a beautiful evening last evening... we went out just as the sun had set, the sky was still a little light and the moon was nearly full... looks like tomorrow the 28th is the full moon, this is where i have always got my inside information from anyway!

so... the moon was bright, the sea quiet, at last! but small little waves coming in... we walked along the beach with Pip... and she was crazy! like a thing possessed! rushing about, on the lead, pulling tugging straining to get.... somewhere!

will take my camera down this evening if i remember and do a little video, no promises though...

ok amigos... i have done my time, oh no i nearly forgot something else, was reading yesterday out on the balcon under a parasol, some of Marias old magazines, not read before, and in one from over 6 months ago two things... just meant for me read right now! how strange is that! one about teeth grinding and it listed all the problems i am having with my teeth now, so maybe its not even my FM it could just be because i am grinding my teeth so much now, and Franco had a thing we thought was a boil but it sounds like something else going by the article we read! so thanks very much, whatever magazine it was! much appreciated!

Marian... CQ CQ CQ.....?


Carol said...

Oh gosh ((((Marian)))) we're out here -- I think everyone is reading and praying for you, but it seems everyone is uber-busy of late. I just worked two weeks of nights and one of days, and lost my rhythm or something! But I am always glad to see in my feed-reader that you've posted, and I never put off reading you til later. I pray for you often --I'm sure many of us do. It's fine --keep talking and crying and bleeding all you want, for we must do that in grief, so grief shall not take us down. If only we knew what your mom would want us to tell you for solace, you know? If you knew that she was happier than ever in life, it might help. But I know there's just a big gaping hole where she used to be, and only time will help take your eyes from it.

Oddly enough, I loved the picture of the snail -- you have them right in the roads?? That's so funny! And I love to watch dogs on a beach -- ah, what a sight! I wonder if you have a video camera, and could upload a clip of Pippa doing that?

Marian said...

Carol, thank you so much, everything you say means so much, and i am sure if my Mom is reading this too, she would thank you also... although of course you did just set my tears off again! been trying to download a video i did the other night, cant seem to do it from my notebook, will try from francos lap top next time we both wifi! and will do another of our Pippa girl!

thank you again amiga, and you take care toox