Saturday, November 06, 2010

Good and busy day in Cudeca yesterday, so many more people coming in to this new shop, as I may have mentioned before[?], yesterday someone told me that lots of her friends didn't even know of the other shops existence in c/Fuengirola, that only the ones who had children did, the school gates being just opposite the old shop, which is now not used.

Thursday I had the doctors, went in on time mas o menos, which was good, after the two hour wait the time before! I took a friend in to help translate, telling her ahead of time what the visit was all about, to prepare her!

When I am back from my visit to England I have to go in to have checks on my hips and heart! And I have enough meds to last me till then, we were only in there about 5 minutes which was good.

And this morning down to town, popped into friends on the way to collect her, and to check on her tv, she phoned me this morning to say the volume wasn't working, no sound, but when we finished our call and she switched it back on it worked fine! No luck with my friends lottery this morning though, the luck was quick and ran out of town!

We sat outside Bar Cruz, of course! We were joined by a couple of friends just as we were leaving, so had to stay for another cuppa!

But earlier on we were talking about stuff, you know, this and that, and something brought us round to special things, fancy candles, dinner services, clothes, even a favorite cup or mug, you get my gist don't you?

Oh I remember what it was, my friend had a beautiful bracelet on, and hadn't worn it for some time... Anyway, it reminded me of an email from yonks ago, about using special things, not just leaving them to gather [metaphorical] dust, to use those special cups or mugs, to wear the wonderful clothes, eat from classy plates... and for goodness sake burn those gorgeous candles... what's going to happen to them if you don't get round to it?

We should use and appreciate these special things, that's what they're for... Like ourselves. We are given a life to live, special lives every one, what would that be if we didn't use our lives to their fullest, you don't have to have money or live a grand life, be thankful for everyday, for all the things you do have, [there are some rotten things we don't have after all are there not!].

A simple walk, really looking at things and not just walking about as if your eyes are closed to the world, the air we breath, the sun on our skin, or rain! All of nature...

Everyday is a gift... We shouldn't waste a moment, like the beautifully constructed candles, we should glow brightly from beginning to end... Each lighting our place in this world.


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