Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It would been better for Vodafone if I had at least spelt their name correctly... Sorry Vodafone! Was difficult enough typing on my phone, without having to worry about spelling!!!

The trip to London this morning went well, and very quickly!

My confidence was lacking before my trip, the amount of times I have travelled on the underground is impossible to count, yet I was nervous of going on my own, even if I am with someone who doesn't know the underground just being with someone is better isn't it... or is that just me!

Anyway, I got on the mainline train just fine, and off, and down into the tube, and walked directly to the Northern Line and straight onto the platform, only a short wait, a couple of minutes, time enough to watch a cute little grey mouse walking along the edge of the platform... so sweet, poor little thing! Then I was on, and off at the next station, Warren Street, where I had to run down the stairs, the escalator not working... but ran onto the waiting tube... on the Victoria line one stop to Oxford Circus! No more mice!

Topside and there over the road almost was John Lewis, where I met my friend! He said, the coffee shop third floor, but there was a coffee place on the 3rd 4th and 5th floors! So let him know I was on the 5th... We had a good catch up, since Mom's service, and then off our sepertate ways, I did the return trip just as quick, but the mainline was quicker.... the first stop for my train was here! Just 30 minutes, so very good, took me longer to walk home from the station than the trip from London!

Yesterday, I met up with Sarah, and we had a couple of coffee's and walk around Aylesbury, I had a few things I wanted to get, which I did, then had to carry them home! Which would have been ok if I had just walked home from the bus stop in town, but I wanted to be sure where the station was and get the ticket ahead of time, so it was a 45 minute walk home... I was shattered, and didn't think I would make it, which would have been funny.... not! And even though it was cold, I was boiling, all that walking and rushing about, and it was only just gone 4pm, maybe 4:30, and pitch dark!!!! Although its lighter here at 7am than back home in Spain, it is still light at 7pm in Spain, or was!

Tomorrow I am back on bus....

This morning was icy on the cars and the paths, but felt lovely and fresh and wintry!!!


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