Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mom and I on her passport.... Awwwww!

I havent stopped today since I came home, so much to do, documents and photos to scan and email to ad to our family tree, as I said on fb, a tree now heavy with history! I am still in a state of shock I think! Its so amazing to be *found* like this, there was I hunting them! As much as I could, and the promise I made to Mom... oh if only she were here now, if only this had been a year ago, one cousin died this year also, he died in Bath, Somerset, on my birthday as it happens... but when Mom and I did our little trip last March we were quite near to him then!

And my cousin I have spoken with now who lives here in Spain! She was probably not more than an hour away at most when we were both living back in England! Never mind the fact we may have walked past each other when I was staying further up the coast with friends!

The problems I have had scanning today, the HP printer/scanner we have only works on Franco's lap top, I scanned 16 or 17 items, and hit the send button to email them... but it came up not possible to send... and the box had gone, along with the items! I expect there there somewhere, but I tried to hunt them down, in the *find* writing in English wont work of course, as its in Spanish!

I had to re scan all of it, and save to file, then open up email to send them to myself, to open on my net book, save in my pictures, cut them about a bit etc, then send on!

Then I had trouble sending them, well not sending them, they got bounced back by the receivers email and had to send them via Picassa and only one by one! Phew...

Hope I am ok tomorrow, as yesterday had a very bad head, was a bit iffey before I went down into town, had a cup of tea, and then once I was in work I got a lot worse, the worse being my head ache, but the rest wasn't far behind!!!

I left work quarter hour early, got home and went to bed! Whatever the national average is for being in bed... someone must be missing out of lots, to make up for me sleeping in mine so much!

I got up about 5pm? Something like that, still so excited about suddenly having all this new family history, and cousins, that are here, and now! Then Franco and I had a late night, and once in bed it was difficult to sleep, Franco was restless, Pippa was cold, so on our bed [I know, I know, but she is our baby!], only thing is she wanted to sleep across the bed and we had to accommodate, only I wouldn't, so had to keep moving her off, then I was hot and opened the window and all we could hear was some dog down in the valley I think, barked all night long, heard the rubbish man dragging his bin up the street, and the alarm went off... all too soon!

I have been too busy on here today to catch up on any of last nights missed sleep, so hopefully, tonight?

And the rain that was forecast never came, wonderful day for drying clothes, I didn't get it on the line until after town, and brought it in four hours later, jeans and sweaters all dry... Lovely, considering I am washing them up on the terrace remember... Never did get a wash board though! Just wet feet!

This morning, net working, of course, outside Bar Cruz, we sit at the boadroom table, and the people come and go, usually the last to go are a completely different lot than starts there! Today one of our *group* of networkers brought in a drawing he had done, inspired by an Oncé lady in town, [Oncé is the lottery for the blind, actually saying that, I think it could be the deaf too, and diabled, seeings how the two woman are deaf and the guy who sells it also is in a wheelchair], anyway, I digress as is the norm! So the wonderful drawing inspired by an Oncé girl! The other day, Saturday, there were a couple of us networkers left at the boardroom table there by Bar Cruz, and the Oncé girl came past, she was on her mobile phone, she is deaf, and she was holding out her mobile phone and signing via the video option to a friend! How fantastic is that Technology again! I cant imagine not having this now, or fb, with all my family and friends there, that if not for fb I would feel so so far away from now... and Skype... Twitter? Well its fun in its own way, and I enjoy reading all the people I follow! And the interaction, like the other evening, I was listening to LBC Radio, and *Twittering*, one of presenters who was on air, answered me whilst he was on air!

Ok, think I am all done in for today now.... I need to rest! Or at least calm down...

adió amigos..

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